Pre-employment tests that help you hire the right people

The Creekside Consulting is a pre-employment assessment that uses data-driven insights to predict hiring success. Measure personality traits and problem-solving skills and compare candidates to job benchmarks customized to your company.

Hire with confidence

Know before you hire

All reports are written with hiring managers in mind. Straightforward language and graphs illustrate key candidate qualities. Get to know your candidates before you hire them.

Understand job fit

Job fit scores show you where candidates hit or miss job targets. Quickly assess risk and see how mismatches could potentially impact job performance. Check out our sample reports.

Meaningful interviews

Interview guides help you confidently assess candidate job fit. Questions are tailored to each candidate and help you elicit candid answers.

Customized for your business.

Custom hiring profiles

Your culture is unique and your assessment should be too. Create tailored hiring profiles that define the behavioral traits and problem-solving abilities required by top performing employees at your organization.

Consistent interview practices

Add your own interview questions and candidate scorecards to your interview guides so all hiring managers are interviewing the same way.

From simple to complex

You decide how much data to collect from each candidate. Our assessments can be as short as 10 minutes for entry-level jobs and up to 60 minutes for more senior level jobs. Choose what’s right for your business.

Predictive analytics improve recruiting results.

Replicate top performers

Top performers often share common traits. Berke’s research team analyzes the traits of your employees and conducts Job Benchmark Studies to build hiring profiles that serve as a blueprint for who to hire next.

Objective data

Making the right hiring decision is challenging. Objective candidate data combined with predictive analytics helps you make better hiring decisions.

Backed by science

Backed by science The Creekside Consulting is both valid and reliable. With more than 500 research and validation studies, you can rely on Berke to provide an objective perspective on how your candidate fits your company and your job.