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Labor Management and Inspections App

A Healthcare and B&I inspection, survey and labor management application used in over 100 sites in the U.S.

Ai Tool to scrape data from a pdf file or images

Save the typing of entering Zyn reward codes and upload into our Factory 300 Ai tool to convert images to text.

Fleet Management and Telematics App

Driver's safety and Risk Management telematics software 2018

Food Production Management System

Food Production Management System including perpetual Inventory, Electronic receiving, and menu building.

PTSD Implant and Mobile App

Audio Apps developed to help patients recover from many forms of PTSD. Apps communicate with an internal pulse generator chip that is surgically implanted onto the brain of patients 2018

Digital Plan of Care and Prior Authorization

A HIPPA certified application developed for the company to ingest patient referral forms via APIs and to digitize authorization records and document signatures from physicians.

Deep Learning Ai tool used to detect guns

Using Ai to train Security Cameras to become Intelligent Video Threat Detectors. Analyzes your live video camera streams to look for guns.2018

Complex Energy Saving calculation App

Commercial and Residential calculators of Energy Cost Savings due to Sealing Leaky Ducts 2018

HR requisition software

Automates the entire life cycle from Application process to exit interviews 2018

International Franchise Accounting App

Accounting Application for Franchisees across the globe to enter daily statistics in their native currency and for corporate US to analyze data based on real time conversions. 2009

App to ID social issues among adolescents and their piers

A web based platform and mobile app, created by parents for parents! MoBoDash, which serves as a hub, connecting all of your children’s social media activities on one dashboard for parents to monitor. 2015

Ai to count guests in line and Ingress/Egress

Predict Guest Counts, Improve Wait times, schedule labor more effectively, identify disgruntled customers or employees capturing facial expressions. 2018

Jukebox for Videos

The hosts download the app and players can scan the QR code to add videos to the queue.

Healthcare Industry Rounding App

Software to track satisfaction level of patients and aggregate common issues improve immediate service recovery 2017

Motion Capture Software

Motion Capture Software used to improve range of motion and to improve form in athletics 2016

Digital Signage and gym membership app

Digital Signage and gym member training history and guides 2019

Metal Shop Rewards 2021

Metal Shop contractor rewards program for vendors to submit invoices or tickets in exchange for point to be used for swag store products using RPA.

QR Code Business Card Generator

Create your own digital business card for free with this handy QR Code Business Card Generator from Factory300. Impress your clients with an easily scannable business card they can instantly add to their contacts. You can print out the QR Code that generates and put it on the back of your phone for clients to scan or save the QR code as an image for clients to scan from your phone.

Event Detect Ai

Nanowatt Deep Learning, vision processing and object detection 2018

Content Mgt Application

Thomson and Reuters 2010

Social Media Platform

Political app geared to illustrate policies and platforms of candidates on the National, State, and county level 2014

Healthcare Industry Rounding App

Round Factory is an app to track satisfaction level of patients and aggregate common issues improve immediate service recovery.

Content Mgt App

Project-MOBE is a not-for-profit organization designed to remove educational roadblocks from the paths of minority students.

Employee requisition HR app

An HR application, augmented with artificial intelligence and machine learning, to provide end to end employee requisition, retention, and satisfaction.

Photographer Crowd Sourcing platform

Iconic.ly is an app for photographers to instantly share images across a mobile app for guests to view, share, or purchase within seconds.

Customer service portal and mobile App

Customer service portal and mobile App 2009

Guest Wi-Fi networks

Free open Guest Wi-Fi networks for businesses, airports, and hotels

Use By” Date Smart Label Program

Food Category “Use By” Date Smart Label Program 2012

Geo location political site

Tracks geo locations of site visitors and forms for users to donate, request a yard sign and more.

Sellers and Agents to manage forms and processes

Web Application for Buyers ,Sellers and Agents to manage forms and processes

Urban Adventure program management platform

Urban Adventure program management platform 2013

Student check in out Billing Application

Canyon Creek Christian Academy

The One Year Bible 2013

Daily audio readings consist of passages from the the Bible. This arrangement of Scripture brings variety and a fresh approach to each day’s reading, while providing a clear understanding of the Bible’s larger message.

KMB Legal

A simple website designed for KMB Legal. 2022

Texas Specialty Beverage 2016

Texas Specialty Beverage distributes gourmet products to specialty coffee shops, restaurants, café's, deli's, yogurt shops and specialty markets.

Merch store and member management

Cycling Club web app forum, merch store and member management. 2020

Club Canyon Valley 2014

Located within the revamped garage space of proprietors Brian and Amy Williams, CCV welcomes locals with signature cocktails and extensive beer selections for the thirty-and forty-something Richardson residents.

Dallas Racing

Dallas Cycling club with tons of APIs for Cyclists to compete with one another and to socialize. .

E Career Coaching Tool


Saga Learning 2018

Invest in the most important asset you have, your human capital Saga Learning combines the empowerment of employee personal development with mentorship by leaders to maximize performance and engagement.

DAC Construction 2020

The DAC Construction site was developed to showcase the Services provided as well as an elaborate SMS system for homeowners to receive updates on installers.

Creekside Consulting 2017

Pre-employment tests that help you hire the right people Creekside Consulting is a pre-employment assessment that uses data-driven insights to predict hiring success. Measure personality traits and problem-solving skills and compare candidates to job benchmarks customized to your company.


Steward Your Home

Finest Pour TX 2022

A simple website for small businesses

RResponse Street Cleaning

A website and scheduling tool for clients to book street cleaning. 2004

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