GunPreventTM Harnessing Cameras to Prevent Guns being Brought into Schools

GunPreventTM is an automatic system that detects guns in videos and alerts authorities. The system is being deployed in schools. Authorities need to be alerted to potential threats as quickly as possible. Having your security team visually scan multiple camera feeds for guns is time consuming, costly and frequently results in missed events. A system that complements and assists human review by filtering all your video feeds and highlighting when guns are present enables your security team to concentrate on those video feeds requiring specific attention. Human review is then focused on assessing the situation and responding to the situation.

GunPreventTM is simply an information provider. We access data from your existing camera systems. Our proprietary software analyzes the video feeds in real-time and notifies your security team that further review is required. Alerts in the form of texts and e-mails can be sent immediately, or you may choose to have a person review the video that caused concern before sending alerts. Either way, Alerts will be sent much FASTER and more CONSISTENTLY compared to having a person constantly scan multiple video camera screens and pick out concerns for follow-up. Our system is available, with a convenient monthly subscription per each connected camera. GunPreventTM provides hardware or simply recommends the hardware that is required to support the system.

Why Detect Guns in Schools?

School administrators absolutely should know when guns are present, and have the capability to prevent guns from being brought into the school without their consent. The initial deployment of GunPreventTM will immediately act as a strong deterrent, and is a platform for delivering a full solution. The system is designed to add a Concealed Weapon Detector (CWD) once a cost-effective solution is available. With both video cameras and a CWD, administrators might choose to lock exterior doors when a person with a gun approaches, and take measures to actually prevent the guns from being brought in.

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What is GunPrevent

GunPrevent analyzes your live video camera streams to look for guns

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