How Does GunPreventTM Work?

GunPreventTM uses the same technology that is being developed for driverless cars. This technology, known as Deep Learning, requires a staggering amount of computational complexity. Only recently has the high-speed hardware needed to implement Deep Learning become affordable.

Deep Learning software is "trained" by software analysis of up to millions of images that are labeled as to whether or not they contain the object that is being recognized. Once trained, the software can be used to analyze new images to "infer" whether they contain the object of interest. Our GunPreventTM software incorporates techniques from recent research, along with some software magic that we’ve developed in-house to create the world’s first gun detector for schools and other public buildings.

Self-contained & Secure

Our system is designed to run on a local computer. This means you do not have to be concerned about video leaving your control. You can opt-in for e-mail or text alerts to as many persons as you desire. GunPreventTM is being demonstrated on a cloud-based server. You can try it out below.

Simply paste in the URL for an image of a gun from the Internet or upload a picture of someone with your own gun.

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How it works


GunPrevent analyzes your live video camera streams to look for guns

GunPrevent Technology

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