It’s simple, better data means better driving

Our cost effective, all-mobile app allows fleets to improve driver behavior, reduce premiums, and become more profitable. No hardware required! In minutes you’ll have access to our proprietary Cortaga driver scores, insightful dashboards, and more.

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How it works

  1. Driver Safety Score

    Proprietary algorithm developed with leading insurance professionals

  2. Data Analytics

    Detailed reports to track meaningful patterns in driving behavior

  3. Fleet Management Tools

    Time effective solution to quickly identify and correct unsafe drivers

  4. Risk Management Interface

    Broker-to-client portal to manage client accounts and analyze reports

Fleet Management Tools

For Fleets

Cortaga is an all-mobile driver safety and fleet management solution built by insurance professionals to reduce auto accidents, provide a time effective solution for fleet managers, and contain the rising costs of insurance

  • Identify and correct unsafe drivers
  • Detect cell phone distracted driving
  • Customized insurance reports to maximize deductible and premium savings
  • Driver dash-cam

only $9.99 per user

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For Carriers

There is no other driver safety and risk management technology that tackles the subtle nuances that only insurance professionals know exist. Cortaga provides insurance carriers the largest ROI possible, allowing them be profitable on their fleet portfolio and acquire and retain clients who operate the safest fleets.

Carrier Dashboard

View real-time performance of clients

Underwriting reports

Driver data at your fingertips


Actual driver data for premium rating

Improve loss ratio’s

Provide discounts to safe fleets

Driver Dash-Cam

Receive video recording of accidents

Identify other distracted driving causes

Determine who is actually at fault

...volume pricing available on request

For Brokers

Cortaga provides insurance brokers a proactive safety and loss control platform for clients with auto fleets. Cortaga’s broker dashboard allows agents to be proficient in creating a safe auto fleet, giving the broker the ability to find the lowest auto premiums for their clients and giving the broker a unique tool to acquire new clients and retain their current clients.

Delivering client ROI

  • Improve loss ratios and carrier profit sharing
  • Interactive dashboard to proactively monitor client fleet performance
  • Client acquisition and retention tool
***volume pricing available on request
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