CCV must be built


In 2009, the vision was clear to Brian & Amy Williams that Richardson needed a night club where the people could gather and have fun.

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CCV started upstairs for about 6 months until the noise started waking up the kids. A vision, came over Amy and Brian to then divide the garage in ½ with several giant table clothes and then get a bar on casters to roll out of the way so cars could still be parked. It is really important to be able to park your cars in a garage.

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For a few years, the Williams family continued to try to use their garage to park a car, but CCV became such a large source of revenue for the family that the club had to take on modifications such as 2 permanent bar counters and bar storage.

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Cinco De Mayo
Cinco De May Party 2013

Aldridge PTA fundraiser: First Cinco De May party ever catered by Frankies.

Cinco De May Party 2014

2nd Annual Aldridge PTA fundraiser catered by Frankies .

Cinco De May Party 2015

3rd Annual Independent party .