About us

Club Canyon Valley

Richardson’s only night club

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CCV Rules

  • 01

    Song Requests Considered

  • 02

    If you need a bottle behind us, please just ask. We can help you. Mixers are in the refrigerator and Ice is in the freezer

  • 03

    Behind the counter is for Staff only

Safety Tips

Stay out of CCV if you are epileptic. Flashing lights cause seizures.

Our team

Brian Williams

Owner & DJ

Jeremy Wallin

Investor & DJ

Amy & Joy

DJ’s and CCV chicks

Our advantages
  • Android tablet on wall

    Feel free to queue up a video to play

  • Android Device chargers Available

    No stupid chic iPhones allowed.

  • Old music welcome

    Do not be scared to wind back the clock and play an old tune as long as it is good.

Free Wi-Fi

Please remember that we have free Wi-Fi. Search for the Club Canyon Valley network and connect.