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The Pitfalls to Avoid When Creating A Mobile App

The Pitfalls to Avoid When Creating A Mobile App

Murphy’s Law states: “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.”

So when you’re building a new mobile app, Blue Rocket’s Law postulates: “If you never created an app before, anything that can go wrong, will go so wrong and will cost tons of time and piles of money.”

Let Us Explain.

There are a myriad of risks circling the waters when developing a mobile app. Only the experienced who have succeeded or failed will relate to the specific risks that are more important than others.

While a failure in any of these areas can cause delays, multiple failures can cause you to re-start development with less money, narrow your mobile app’s offering, or just cause you to throw in the towel.

Platform Experience Is Critical.

  • Be ready to compete in a marketplace with well-crafted native apps by properly investing in a native platform experience for iOS 0r Android.
  • Don’t rely on a business model that depends on whether or not you can track users across apps and devices.
  • Avoid Apple iTunes Store rejection by not marketing digital products in your iOS app that you won’t sell through Apple’s in-app purchase.

Product Focus or Design Thinking Is Important.

  • Build your product around a simplified, clear problem that you are solving. Focus on a clear value proposition to address a specific user profile and user scenarios.
  • Don’t pursue too wide of a feature set nor over-focus on a glamorous visual design that leaves out valuable features.

Product Development Expertise Is Pivotal.

  • Recognize that an early product development experience starting from zero is a rare skill that most professionals do not have. Partner with the right product development team with a successful track record creating leading mobile apps.
  • Optimize the delivery of content to mobile screens and mobile network connections to avoid poor responsiveness, negative review, and low user engagement.
  • Have a mobile user experience completed by a veteran mobile designer before asking a developer to build an app.
  • Adequately instrument the application with analytic tools and runtime feedback loops for usage, critical bugs, and Beta user opinions.
  • Secure an exceptional design and technical leader. Your app won’t get there without the well-qualified experts to guide design and development.

Making Your App Sticky.

  • Create a marketing plan, build a mobile app user acquisition strategy and implement a use strategy to fuel discovery and growth.
  • Leverage features and notifications to generate repeat use. Don’t start building your product before nailing down your core invention that solves user’s problem(s).
  • Recognize that new technologies, new target devices and promising product-market fit are fighting against your odds of success.

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