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Ten Rules to Create a Successful Android App

Ten Rules to Create a Successful Android App

Statista notes that there are now over 1.3 million Android developer apps on Google Play. Games are by far the most popular focus for mobile apps for Android’s platform. Education and business apps rank next at about 10% each, followed by 8% of the apps for lifestyle, and 7% for entertainment.

Ten Tips to Follow to Create a Successful Android App.
In order to stand out from the crowd on Google Play, your Android app will need to be created in Blue Rocket’s list of ten tips and best practices that we found directly contribute to the success of an Android app:

1. Perform user studies to demographically ask and listen to target users for idea feedback – Great apps that are loved by thousands or even millions of fanatic users aren’t created in a vacuum. They’re developed by asking your proposed users and Beta testers what they want, carefully listening to their answers, and tailoring the app to those exact needs.

2. Utilize features that must be appropriate to your audience profile and demographic: Not all apps are right for every age group. The most successful apps are developed specifically to reach certain audiences such as young men who enjoy multi-player games, millennials who take online classes, anyone who watches TV programs or videos on demand, and more.

3. Solve a problem at the moment of need: When your users need immediate information right now to book an airline flight or hotel room, get feedback about a proposed vacation destination, make an order at their favorite fast-casual restaurant, or reduce their home energy use, they need an app that directly meets any of these needs.

4. Solve a persistent need: Some apps help your users get very important information such as ordering a prescription medication to ease their suffering, getting week-to-week updates on their pregnancy, reading their favorite magazine online, checking the value of a stock, or reminding them of an urgent appointment.

5. Provide a user experience design that’s simple and no-nonsense: The simpler and better an Android app’s flow through the app is to provide a frictionless experience and intuitive graphic interface, the easier it should be to gain a wider customer base.

6. Don’t leave your users wanting more utilization of mobile device tools capability: Many mobile device users depend on their favorite apps many times daily. Make sure your Android app delivers the user experience that customers demand from GPS, from their mobile device’s camera to take videos and photos, to hear music, or to measure their workouts for hiking, biking, or running.

7. Involve influential users in Beta for refinement and buzz: If you can gain the feedback and approval of experts in a given industry during your Beta testing stage, your app can hit the market with pent-up demand. With the right media buzz, you can gain thousands of new users virtually overnight.

8. Have an aggressive customer acquisition plan: Don’t rely on just influential endorsements or word-of-mouth to grow your user base. You should have an aggressive marketing plan focused on user acquisition when the time is right.

9. Reward your users for sharing the Android app: Think of parceling out rewards or perks for asking users to share your app with their friends and family. A little reward can go a long way in building your base quickly and efficiently.

10. Start your marketing plan before hitting Google Play: Finally, you’ll need to have an overall marketing plan with all of these items and more if you want to have a successful launch. Don’t leave any stage of your launch to chance.

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