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Seven Mobile App Strategies to Achieve Success

Seven Mobile App Strategies to Achieve Success

When your goal is to create a very successful mobile app, it’s got to be right, right out of the gate.

Why? Because your iOS or GooglePlay mobile app will be entering into a highly competitive market with new entrants every day.

Here are Blue Rocket’s “Seven Mobile App Strategies to Achieve Mobile App Success” to rise to the top :

1) Start With Gallons of Pain Relief –– Realtors tout “Location, Location, Location”. But if trying to create a successful app, you should always focus your app creation’s primary features to solve your audience’s greatest pain. Try to wow them… do something unexpected… exceed their expectations with an app that they rely on more and more daily.

2) Infuse a Generous Pinch of Frequent Necessity –– If your mobile app can serve a consumer need frequently at a given time or place, it can become indispensible. As part of your mobile app strategy, brainstorm about how to create a unique app that solves your audience’s problem wherever they may be, whether at home, at the office, in the car, or while traveling.

3) Add in Influential Beta Users –– Sometimes the best strategic ingredient you can add are beta users who can provide candid feedback to solve a glitch, offer constructive criticism to avoid a possible issue, share wisdom from their own mobile app journey, or spread the word about your mobile app launch once you get to the promised land.

4) Pour In Press Attention –– If you launch a media campaign when your app hits the online stores and you start getting massive amounts of free publicity, that can drive your downloads and users into the tens of thousands. A mention by any online reviewer, in the major blogs for your industry, an endorsement on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn by a major player can all help grow your numbers exponentially.

5) Mix In A Spoonful of Simplicity –– Some apps are so simple that they become a media darling just based on their demos, previews, and videos. It’s very difficult to make an app without buttons or with extremely simple usability, but it also sets it apart from the competitors.

6) Stir In Lots of Social Media Buzz –– A strategy of using social media to spread the word of mouth about a new mobile app can reach millions of potential downloaders. It’s a great way to offer a contest to win a sweepstakes, share a mailing list, or other tactics to spread the word about your new mobile app.

7) Serve Millions Free or Cheaply –– By designing a mobile app that’s free initially, you’ll get incrementally more downloads and users. You can move to a 99¢ or $1.99 mobile app later with more features if you want to build a bigger revenue stream.

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