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Factory 300 is a team of talented individuals specializing in .NET cloud based web development, project management, change management, and consulting.

Factory 300 LLC has been building custom web applications for over 9 years. We also have a team of project managers and consultants that have been serving clients for over 20 years. We specialize in building customized back office / ERP applications and iPhone applications.

Expertise Includes:
  • Strategic planning and budgeting
  • Custom .NET and PHP Software deployment
  • Cost control
  • Operational efficiency
  • IS Project Management
  • Cost accounting
  • Program training director

Factory 300 provides custom web application and mobile device development that specializes in operational improvement. We develop and deliver operational development programs and develop back office process improvement applications for organizations in complex, high risk or highly regulated environments, helping them manage change, become more effective and improve efficiency.

Our custom built applications and programs address the human as well as the process elements to optimize the actions, decisions and communications between leadership, management and operational delivery teams.