Passively tracks your guests using your existing cameras

Local video processing using AI to

  • Improve Wait times
  • ID Disgruntled customers
  • Right Size Labor
  • Alert staff to support long lines

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  1. Historical data, weather forecasts, and dozens of other APIs used to help machine learning predict future business

  2. No wearables, mobile Apps, beacons, or sensors needed

  3. Manager Daily Notes UI

  4. Daily Field notes to help Machine Learning predict more accurately

  5. Customized Text & Email Alerts by User for Predicted # of Guests

  6. Standard KPI’s Visits, Visitors, Repeat Visits, By Zone, Total, By Hour, By Day, By Engaged Visitor, By passerby, by event reach, Dwell Time, Density, Hot Spots, Paths, predominate routes, wait time, and visit times.

  7. Labor Scheduling Tool by Department and by to right size by hour

  8. Guest Privacy using Face blur, skeletal imaging or body blur

  9. Detects long lines and sends a text message alert

Business Solutions

Deep Learning and vision processing used to improve wait times, right size labor and alert staff to support long lines. Guest Predict provides organizations the power to improved service, right size labor, and increase profits.

Most KPIs include speed of service and Guest Predict has the most effective and passive solution to analyze lines and identify improvements.

Number of People in Line Example

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